By: pbcmedia

Oct 22 2009

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Category: BEHIND THE WHEEL SERIES, Trucks and Trains


Focal Length:16mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

I ask you.

What’s Indian Summer for if not to showcase a white truck whizzing by me and the blazing color of autumn trees?

©Pat Coakley 2009


13 comments on “INDIAN SUMMER”

  1. holy smokes; great great photo

  2. Nice warm colour but geezus, it looks like you’re going to crash into the truck! As much as I love this series, I do worry about your safety.

  3. I live west of you, so I know what’s coming weather-wise. Get out your galoshes, missy . . .

  4. Those Indian summer days are short-lived, but there’s nothing like that October light on the trees (and the trucks roaring by). We don’t get that kind of light down here, and I miss it sometimes, but not enough to put up with a long winter! Great photo!

    • Don, I swear I’m going to find out about the differences in light I’ve noticed as I’ve traveled. It is fascinating to me.

  5. This photo makes me nauseated… sheesh. Its been so beautiful here…. Indian summer indeed, and I can’t help thinking about you as our flowers are still in full bloom.

  6. Hey, Amber…maybe you should put on one of those seasick patches before you click on my blog! Remember, I luv me some motion photos and no word of a lie get motion sick in cars, buses, boats, sometimes airplanes but never on trains!

  7. Indian Summers are great, but Indian Winters are a bummer though.

    You and your big trucks!

  8. Girls need big fast trucks in their lives… to get their shoe and handbag collections from A to B. And cos size does matter and cos fast is fun and cos they’re better for us than Evening Primrose Oil. AND cos people move outta the way for big fast trucks and sometimes we soft-hearted girls might get run over if we’re not protected by the outer casing of a big fast truck.
    Just a handful of reasons that spring to mind…
    More later.

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