Thou Shall Not Covet

By: pbcmedia

Apr 18 2008

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Category: design, Gardening, Humor, Jealousy/Envy, Life, nature, Photography, The Single Life

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD850 IS


I may not believe in God, but I remember the commandments.  The one about thou shall not covet your neighbor’s wife was on my mind this morning as I was admiring my little condo garden.

I don’t want my neighbor’s wife, I want his garden.  The photo above is of his spring garden, not mine.  Mind you, I am a photographer.  I tried and tried to photograph my garden in such a way that it might look as nice as this, but it didn’t work.  And, do you know why?  Because it doesn’t look as nice as this.  Period. End of story.  I have flowers alright, but no symmetry of color or design.   I had to rely on close-ups of individual flowers to even take a decent photo.  

So, today, envy is a terrible thing because some things you can covet but will never have.  I love flowers, but don’t have a sense of design.  If there are 44 variety of bulbs available at Home Depot in October on sale, I buy 44 and plant them.  I truly have no idea what the garden is going to look like until spring.  And, trust me, this 44 bulb thing isn’t working out.

But, I do have this one spectacular English Daisy….

If you don’t have the gifts necessary to achieve what you covet, I suggest using the skills you do have: macro photography focuses on individual flowers and NOT design. 


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