I Thought You Knew

By: pbcmedia

Jun 22 2008

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Category: 1, Life, Personal, Photography, Random


Focal Length:9.975mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD850 IS

I thought you knew. I just did.

©Pat Coakley 2008


9 comments on “I Thought You Knew”

  1. You know you are killing me…. give me a hint because I NEVER know !!!

  2. Mini-blinds, in partially hoisted mode, revealing trees bent in horizontal rain and gusts of wind, whilst camera person missteps, loses focus, almost deletes image ( love the” Are you sure you want to delete this image ” query and wish life came with one ), does not delete, photoshops in greys and thinks- “hmmmmmm, this would make great fodder for my many readers who yearn for this daily mental bread.

    So, am I close?

    Obviously not close enough to have dinner with you and the Razzman.

    Your next photoshop mission, should you accept it, is to place the globe with connecting spider web lines that connect, to all the cities and countries that are home to your faithful.

  3. Bonniuluria, yes, you are close about the important thing (what’s new) my version of daily bread (love that phrase, too,) and mini-blinds in partially hoisted mode but no photoshop, now black and white filter, not even out of focus (Huh? You heard me. I would not lie about such things) No rain but wind.

    Your hint, HJ, is that when the sun went behind the clouds, it disappeared from sight.

    There, I love being clear about things. This is the first of a new series as well.

  4. Haven’t read the comments on purpose because I’ve been floored once more in the symbology of this one. When I first looked at it my mind did cartwheels with all the possibilities then when it finally settled down it saw this…
    The blinds of life, the ones we put up to protect us, our survival mechanisms if you will. These blinds, although they protect us, have a way of preventing the light from coming in allowing the dark to grow. If one’s not careful the growing shadows, like the roots of the tree, get deeper and deeper slowly pushing the light seeping through out becoming darkness within…. Perhaps it is just my philosophical mood lol
    Incredible abstract, once again it spoke to me, that is my interpretation of what the mind sees. Wows

  5. Although the blinds have been partially opened the view is still blurry. This says to me that although things become more and more revealed over time, we never achieve a complete and clear understanding of what were experiencing.

    In Herman Hesse’s book “Narcissus and Goldmund”, he explores the idea that we seek a true understanding of things (perfection) and is it an on going process that continues all our lives right up until the moment we die.

  6. What I have learned so far from this new series called,
    “I Thought You Knew”:

    My readers are have the gifts–insight, deliriously poetic and probing and (gulp) and are better read than Harold Bloom. I’m ordering that damn Lawrence Durrell series along with tysdaddy. Four freakin’ books, Razz? Jeesh. How long is Hesse’s “Narcissus and Goldmund”? Maybe I can switch to that if it’s short.

    Honestly, you peeps– all of you are amazing. Thank you. I mean it.

  7. “How long is Hesse’s “Narcissus and Goldmund”?

    Not long at all. It’s an easy read (as are all of Hesse’s books) but I still think that the Alexandria Quartet would interest a person like you who has had some psychology training.

    Don’t forget, “the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory”.

  8. Razz,

    That’s one reason why I love Don Quixote so much. It was worth the time and effort . . .

    Another excellent photo lesson, Pat.

  9. Tysdaddy

    Now you’ve given me something to read. Don Quixote is so often quoted I’m surprised I haven’t read it already. It’s funny how some of the monoliths of literature are so well known for the reason that they are very good. I was so blown away when I read Moby Dick for instance.

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