Here Be Monsters-Part One

I accidentally deleted the original post from Thursday, July 17, 2008 that went with this photo. While writing Here Be Monsters-Part Two this morning, Saturday, July 19, 2008, I pressed a delete button thinking it was the Draft of Part Two when it was actually Part One. It was gone alright. And, no “UNDO” button.

So, suffice to say, there were monsters. Dinosaur variety. Kids and Adults who thought they were real. Jurassic Park meets Sports Arena. I told the story of taking three kids and how somehow we ended with nuclear winter and Planet Earth being wiped out of the galaxy.

In other words, Just another feel good post by singleforareason. Alas, now in the cyber hopper. Home, at last.

We march on to Here Be Monsters- Part Two.

4 comments on “Here Be Monsters-Part One”

  1. I hate it when that happens.

    Since my very first post, I use Word to compose my blog posts and save them in a folder. Just in case this happens. It’s saved me on many occasions, either when I do the delete thing while editing in WP or don’t like the way a post is formatted and delete it by choice in order to rework it.

    I know that may not be an option with the way this theme works, but at least you should cut and paste the written content and save it somewhere. Then, you have it.

    Love ya, gramma . . .

  2. Another thought:

    I notice that your old post is still listed on my Google Reader. The feeds take some time to update. And you’ve chosen, somewhere, to have only a small portion of your posts show up in feeds. If you were to change that, then you could go to the Reader and cut and paste the old written content.

    Hope that makes sense . . .

  3. Tysdaddy, that does make sense…the google reader thing, but I cannot remember where on WordPress I checked only a few lines and not whole text for the reader. I think it was WordPress not Google reader that determines it but I just tried to go to all things that might have it, like “account” info and couldn’t find it.

    Your other suggestion of cut and pasting into Word sounds like a good idea for the future! For now, I’m just finishing Part II. It’s not like formula for world peace was lost. I move on to Monsters, Part Two!

  4. Phew I’m not the only one to have done this can’t tell you the relief!

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