Me Trying to Be You

By: pbcmedia

Aug 07 2008

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Focal Length:100mm
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Camera:Canon EOS 10D

Planet Ross is very silly. Recently, he said he thought a defibrillator might be something to cure you of telling lies. I laughed out loud. He is silly and sophisticated at the same time.

So I tried to be silly and sophisticated all day. I flopped. The best I could do was the word, “purpliness” and spell check is rearing up as if it knows how to spell it. Frauds! I just made this word up cuz I am silly and sophisticated.

I think I may do a series on me trying to be you. I know one person who is really, really good at challenges: Planet Ross. He has aliens and beer in his refrigerator and he calls himself, “I am the Cheese”. He came back from vacation and to his blog on August 6. August 6! He lives in Japan, people. Anyone out there remember August 6, 1945? It’s tough to be silly and sophisticated on August 6 in Japan. He managed it, but I don’t think he reads Japanese newspapers.

So, this is the first in a new series called, “Me Trying To Be You”.

I am beginning to see the world through your eyes. Is this happening to you, too?

Show me. Tell me. Don’t lie. I have a defibrillator.

14 comments on “Me Trying to Be You”

  1. This could get scary . . .

    Regarding made-up words:

    Advertising wizard Roy H. Williams describes Seussing as “making up your own words – [it] gains our attention with a slap of wit. Think of it as Tobasco sauce.” He gives some great suggestions for using words in unique ways here:

    You are an gifted Seusser . . .

  2. Hey, tysdaddy! I just went to that site you recommended. Really, really good. I even subscribed. You are a fountain, my man. A fountain. Maybe I’ll expand my vocabulary and develop a business sense!

  3. Are you “purplously rephrazing” me?

    I accept your challenge. It may take a while, but my victim … um … er… chosen special person is “nathaliewithanh”.
    Some people have a niche that can’t be scratched, but I’ll try.

    Someone said, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”, but they could have just been trying to jerk someone around.

    note: you are correct; I don’t read Japanese newspapers.

  4. Pat, you are going to get in trouble with Razz again with your flower photograph AND after the vajayjay bloom, you picked the most phallic plant there is! Then again, you were channeling le Cheese.

    Dear planetross,

    I’m touched beyond words that you would elect to see the world through my eyes. Awwww.

    More to the point though, I’m scared shitless of what a petit fromage Canuck like you is going to come up with. I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you… I probably could not even lift you a mere centimeter off the ground.

    So pretty much, this is the deal. You scratch my niche, I scratch yours.

    I wonder if anyone ever comes back from Planet Ross?

  5. This could get very fun to watch. (goes to make popcorn…)

    Pat, I love the fade out on the tip of the flower. Really fun perspective (photo and writing)!


  6. OMG Pat, have I got the perfect contest for you! It’s the “World Potato Photography Contest”!

  7. Beautiful picture Pat… I can’t wait till I get my camera and start shooting photos. You will have to be nice to me though as this will be my very first one ever!!!

  8. hey, Hey, there’s nothing silly about anything related to purple. It’s the best color. Ever. Except for Violet, perhaps.

    Hold on to that defibrillator.

  9. Wow, Nat’s idea is a goodun…
    here’s the link to the actual competition. You have until 1 September!!! Go Pat!

  10. This is what’s going to happen if Nath and Ross try to scratch each others Nietzsche:

    Nietzsche |ˈnē ch ə|
    Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm(1844–1900), German philosopher. He is known for repudiating Christianity’s compassion for the weak, exalting the “will to power,” and formulating the idea of the Übermensch (superman), who can rise above the restrictions of ordinary morality.

    We mortals will await here in the Coliseum of The Gawkers and see who wins.

    I can hardly wait.

  11. Nat and Epic: have you lost your minds? I just went to this photography site and the purpose of contest is:

    “A world photography contest to highlight the role of the potato as a source of food, employment and income in developing countries”

    My photos of spuds aren’t exactly “good will” ambassador shots!! Seriously, after looking at them are you going…”Umm…gotta get me one of those!”??

    PlanetR: “purplously”…see, you are a natural. Can’t wait to see your interpretation of Natcrack’s world.

    Turkish and BonnieL: I’ve got the Orville Redenbacher in the cupboard ready for this smackdown. the Nietzsche overlay. This is like the hype with the Wrestling matches!

    Amber: Fear not. Photography is another exercise in humility. Wait till you take what you think are the best photographs of your life and when you get back home realize you didn’t have the card in the slot.

  12. I respectfully disagree: I think your spud represents the epitome of a successful potato. I understand the developing country bit could be an issue but you could always lie. Not many defibrillator in the third world!

  13. That’s defibrillators.

  14. People, PlanetRoss has risen ONCE AGAIN to the challenge. Check it out:
    Who’s Next???

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