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Oct 22 2008

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Remember “Throw Momma From the Train”?  Worst movie I’ve ever seen.

But, if you want to know what having a phobia feels like, throw your child from a 747 at 35,000 feet and watch her fall.  Then, try to forget how you feel (you can’t but try anyway) and imagine how she feels.  That’s what a phobia feels like.

Take your pick of phobias: snakes, spiders, bridges, escalators, open spaces, antique furniture–you are suddenly free falling from 35,000 feet without a parachute.

This photograph is in response to the theme of “Phobia” for week 6 of SAPCC’s weekly photo submissions. Deadline today, October 22, 2008.

Now, let me stop cuz just looking at this and writing about it makes me queasy.

©Pat Coakley 2008


17 comments on “Phobia”

  1. Strong image.

    I once went caving (the serious type with ropes and wire ladders etc) and the first 100 feet or so were very slippery with mud and I constantly felt like I was going to fall. It was an almost vertical descent and it was a bit like rock climbing but everything was slimy and it was very hard to get a grip. I hated every minute of it.

    For about 2 months afterwards, I’d get strange panicky dropping sensations like I was suddenly falling, that were quite alarming.

    Luckily it went away over time.

  2. Razz: Yup, you know the territory with that description. Vertical descent, like rock climbing but everything was slimy…oh, I even feel queasy just thinking about it.

  3. I’ve always had a problem with phobias. I guess I’m a bit too “Mr. Spock” when it comes to them. Having none of my own (that I know of) I have a very hard time being empathetic of others. My reaction is always, “Stop being overly dramatic! It’s a freakin’ snake/bug/ladder etc.”

    I never say that out loud, naturally, but I think it. There are things I dislike and there are things that I dislike intensely but I can’t think of anything that sends me up into the trees. Heebee-geebees? Yah, I suppose, but not, “AAAAAAAAAAGGHHHH!”

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. Turkish, count your blessings. “AAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH”…is not a logical response that’s why entreaties to simply “stop” it, don’t work very well. Although your approach to treatment would cost less money! Hope you never know what it’s like.

  5. oh yeah i know what its like but try not to

  6. interesting picture and idea.. :)

  7. I always regret not going the extra mile after I see your images :) Once again, you captured it. I need to start making better use of PhotoShop. Your entry reminds me of those falling dreams that wake me up suddenly.

  8. when I was little, I had a recurring dream of falling. This brings it all back but i’m not waking up in cold sweats. I’m a fan of you.

  9. I concur…very reminiscent of my falling dreams. Well played.

  10. you guys are all freaking me out.

  11. Ironically my phobia was in my room last night waiting for me with open jaws… the spider was bigger than my hand almost as if it was on steriods!!! Powerful image and words… very true indeed!

  12. I hate heights. Especially when I am in an area where guarding is not present. Like the top level of our parking garage at the university. I stand at the edge and have images of flying over the edge. Taking the leap. I see myself putting my book bag down, climbing on the ledge, spreading my arms, and falling. The image is so strong I have to step away for fear that I might actually do it.

    I don’t feel suicidal. But I always have these feelings when I’m high up on something with nothing to stop me.
    Strange . . .

  13. tysdaddy

    I felt like that, the first time I went to the Grand Canyon. It literally took my breath away, as I looked over the edge, unable to breath until I turned my head away. Then the strange sensation of thinking that I was going to either be sucked in or even compulsively jump. Very unsettling.

  14. This was a great theme because we all have (well, almost all) have some sort of brush with irrational fear at some point along the way. Personally, I think experiences like Tysdaddy and Razz talk about are “rational” ones. If we meant to be birds, we’d have wings. Heights make humans dizzy. Period.

    And, sanity, a spider the size of your hand? Good Lord. I ain’t comin’ to South Africa.

    Welcome, smack! We freak out on a regular basis here. This is the first time it was a theme!

    Russ, my bandwagon always has room for one more! In fact, there are several open seats.

    Mt. Brooks, falling has been a nightmare across all cultures so I think it’s a DNA thing.

    Conni, regret nothing. Your submissions always take us on a journey! I love that.

    Amber, when you finally get your camera you can join in!

  15. […] when things are rough put those Phobia’s in the closet and find a Pantyhose Quiz or better yet experience a few moments totally Out […]

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