Creative Helix Series

By: pbcmedia

Jan 09 2009

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Recently one of my favorite bloggers and painters, Bonnieluria, called our impulses to make art, a creative helix. She is as good with words as she is with paint.

Now, I love that phrase and the spiral ascending chain that it conjures.

This coming week, starting today, I am going to be trying to ascend the helix without any guarantee that it’s going to work.  Here’s my thought.

I love photographs of car washes, behind the car wheel vistas, rain, snow, wind as primary tools of my images.  Living in New England, weather becomes your ally if this is part of your creative muse.   So, I am going to see what cloning them might look like.

That’s right.  Take a little car wash image mix it in the Photoshop petri dish with a rainy stoplight and a few blends and see what we get.

This is exhibit A in that petri dish.  I’ll make no judgment just yet on whether I like the individual images or not because trying something new sometimes needs stages and room to explore.

Anyway, more to come.  My raw material are images that I have liked for one reason or another but did not feel stood alone.  I’d like to find the photographic equivalent of what I find true about the creative process in general,  “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”.

What I like is the process.  The outcomes we shall discover together.

I like that part, too.

©Pat Coakley 2008


2 comments on “Creative Helix Series”

  1. Your photoshop work is seamless. Love it.

  2. Thanks, Conni. As I’ve gotten older, my use of Photoshop has become less but more targeted. I am one who zeros in on certain capabilities in the software and must force myself to learn newer tricks. Razz just showed me some Levels and Curves tutorials that helped me enormously. But, they are not even new features of Photoshop! It is endless this software!

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