Anxiety 2.0

By: pbcmedia

Feb 27 2009

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Focal Length:16mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Anxiety 2.0 is the only way to describe the end of the fifth month of economic  uncertainty.  I’ve heard of Web 2.0 and HTML 2.0—-supposedly a second generation of the original software, new and improved.

Trying to think about the future with one’s head and not one’s stomach is the phrase on a prepackaged birthday greeting card from a mutual fund company sent to me recently.  As impersonal as it was, it is a good phrase.  Anxiety 1.0 was all stomach. Anxiety 2.0, in place since the Inauguration, appears to be more head, but, honestly…?  It could be numbness, too.   I can’t tell which.

But, I do remember that some of the pundits who are wringing their hands today at the sweep of the new budget and the seismic jolt it is sending through Wall Street, medical insurance companies, and political ends of the spectrum,  were once also wondering aloud if President Obama was going to be able to strike big enough, boldly enough AND soon enough (they made a big point of that) in order to produce America 2.0.

Well, put a check mark by that big bold and fast thing, would you?

And, better fasten your seat belts, while you’re at it.  I voted for change, America.  52% of us did.  And, the candidate of the other 48% said he was a  “change” candidate, too.

Well, here it is brothers and sisters– this change thing.

And, leaving aside the total “in the tank” belief I have for the guy,  I am also hoping that a little of that change comes my way so I can live through this birthing of America 2.0 with my head and not my stomach.

But, hey.  Let’s look on the bright side.  Anxiety meds just got cheaper.

©Pat Coakley 2009


7 comments on “Anxiety 2.0”

  1. Pat, this is wonderful. That patch of light peaking through really makes the photo.


  2. A great post and a great photo. For me I dealt with Anxiety 1.0 with my head, but Anxiety 2.0 has moved to my stomach! Maybe I’ll deal with it more effectively down there.
    I just hope the forces for change have the strength to overcome the negativity being spewed out by the many Darth Vaders of the world– and that your lovely photo is a new spring dawn and not a sunset.

  3. Don, ulcer meds just got cheaper, too! I have decided to make this a series, Anxiety 2.0, since as soon as I posted this, I thought of a few more things to say about it. Want to join in? Create an image of what Anxiety 2.0 feels like to you? Seriously, all I can do is throw creativity at it because 24/7 of this saps the life out of me.

    Chris, You are right about the light in so many ways. Anxiety 1.0 had no light for me. If it was an image, it would have been just total leaden gray skies. But, this new and improved version has the possibility of light, which I why I decided to make it into a series, to try and chart the illumination. I hope it works better than my diets.

  4. Wonderful photo.

    Great art comes out of trying times. I predict a boom in great photos.

  5. Thanks, photos4u2c, I just went to your site and your work will bring me back. I’m banking on creativity to get me through this period. Perhaps, the only thing going in the bank. Sigh.

  6. Your title is quite appropriate. I may call upon you to start giving titles to my posts (when I finally get back on track). I have somewhat of a counterpart to this photograph, to be posted on my blog shortly. Where is this?

  7. Lovely, moody, and just so.. emotive. Wow.

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