Biker Chic

Biker Chic.

No, I mean it.  Not “chick” but “chic” as in style.  Red and white swirly flowers on a black background.  A biker’s dress, of course.

And, she was waiting for a train.

Yes, I could have taken this photo in focus but it would not have done justice to those swirly flowers.

I was feeling swirly because I’d just seen a Van Gogh painting at the Museum of Fine Arts and perhaps everything I do in the near future will have a bit of a swirl in it as well as chartreuse.  Check it out.  Honestly, I bow from the waist.

The painting was on loan from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and has never been on display before in Boston.  It’s called “The Sower”.  It was shown next to a painting by Millet of the same name but much larger.  Van Gogh is said to have had access to reproductions of this painting from the 1850’s.

I love me my MFA.

©Pat Coakley 2010

4 comments on “Biker Chic”

  1. I love your MFA too. I need to get me one of those.

    Love the biker chick in the biker chic waiting for a train. And I like swirly. I like Van Gogh too. And lastly, I like your photo.

    I was in Amsterdam once and went to the Van Gogh museum which was amazing, fantastic, wonderful and awesome. I discovered however that the correct way to pronounce Van Gogh was to say Van and then make a throat noise like you’re hocking up a lugie. A lovely language that Dutch.

    Now I must nap.

    • Oh, I have just laughed out loud while trying to make the throat noise according to your instructions. Where are the sani-wipes you kill me nappin’ or not.

  2. those van gogh colors are intense. i can see a relationship to your work, the range or depth of color. why it shows right here with the biker chic green leggings. honestly i wouldnt wear that dress w/o leggings especially on a bike. a kind of “fright of SS”(sharon stone) comes over me altho she would undoubtedly look good in biker chic. the idea of taking the bike wheels onto the train gave me this wheels inside boxes on wheels inside boxes like russian nesting dolls. or the spinnings of numerous wheels in transit, even escalators for instance. hooray for the MFA!

  3. Heady stuff, that Van Gogh. Can make you dizzy. The picture just made me laugh, it’s so perfect!

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