‘Nuff Said

By: pbcmedia

Aug 13 2010

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Eat Pray Puke.

That’s my movie review.

This is a photograph of the hood of a an old Chevy in the movie theater parking lot.

Now, let me put back on my “I’m in the Cone of Silence” badge.

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10 comments on “‘Nuff Said”

  1. ahhahahahahahahahaha! That was the review of the year!

    I read the book and I thought “what is everyone screaming about?” This woman has her head up her ass. Your review sums it up quite succinctly.

    Love, love, love your photo. The black and white minimalism is very exciting.

    • Carol, I did not read the book and thought the movie, “Oh, it’s got to have something….” And, in the fair and balanced disclosure rule, adhered to by all talking heads, I admit I was a Bridges of Madison County fan–(except when I watched it last year and thought o mother of god what was I thinking— so I have some soft core proclivities toward mush—but, this? O, seriously, no. Just for practicals, Javier Barden could not have been celibate for 10 years. No flippin’ way. Elizabeth Gilbert on the other hand? She could have stood a few more decades of celibacy to discover some truths.

  2. Guess I can cross that one off my list (not that it was ever on it). A-1 movie review!
    While waiting for the picture to come up, I read that it was the hood of an old Chevy, so here I was expecting some beautiful shiny swoop of 1950’s metal — and let out a laugh when all those artful scratches appeared. Great!
    Yes, you have been silent… i bet you have more time for other things. Like summer.

    • Don, the owner of the car came up to me as I was photographing it and said it was his brother-in-laws car and that he had done all these scrapes while getting ice and snow off the car! I think his brother-in-law must have been using his car keys to clear off the hood by the looks of it!

  3. When I was in Bali, I met a guy (PB) who said he had met the cinematographer of that movie. PB told me that when he asked the cinematographer (what he thought would be a rhetorical question) if the movie was any good, he was told no. It’s not often that the people who work on a movie will admit that it’s a stinker.

    Your photo above, reminded me of shattered ice.

    • What mystifies me, Razz, is that both the reviews in the NY Times and The Boston Globe (reviewers I usually like) gave this three stars. I don’t get it. No, I really really don’t. Not only was the story cliched, it was much too long, poorly directed, and they even had a scene (In Bali btw) where the character is lifted up by Javier Barden to go into the bedroom (after her 9 months of celibacy) and the hoisted-up Julia Roberts untangles her arm to close the door on the camera following her. They are in a remote roof-top house for Christ’s sake in Paradise aka Bali. The Director should be quarantined until his “blech!” virus clears up.

      “Self-Conscious” should also have been the name of this movie and book.

      Ah, I can still rant, can’t I?

  4. It’s been a while since I dipped my toes in the Pappy waters, and so glad I chose to swing by today.

    I happen to like Julia Roberts, so I almost sorta wanted to go and see this. But I decided to read the book first. It’s sitting on my shelf, uncracked.

    I can sort of relate to the whole wanting to figure things out in life. But I will never have the resources to run away from life, so I’ll have to do it here, in the trenches, amidst the poo . . .

    Great photo!

    Love ya,

    • Brian, I, too, can relate to wanting to figure things out in life and for many folks, judging by the millions of books sold etc…this woman’s journey appeared to resonate with a big, big group of folks. For me, it was not a journey that went deep enough for the amount of miles. Here is what I got out of it. Pasta is good and we should eat more of it. Check. Meditation is hard for a narcissist because it requires that you empty your head of thoughts of self. Check. Falling in love with Javier Barden is easy. Check.

  5. Oh dear. I was looking forward to that film but I think you just helped me to save a few quid. I read the book last year and have to say that I enjoyed it. But I don’t think Javier Bardem was the right choice for that role and would have been better if Elizabeth had been played by an unknown, I’d say. Still, your 3 word review is absolutely priceless and thank you for the giggle!!

    • Epic, I am not in the majority here by any stretch of the imagination. I’d actually love to hear what you think of it since you’ve read the book. Maybe it’s a different experience for you?

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