Inaugural Concert

I got a call from an old friend who follows my blog.  She knows me.

She asked how I was doin’– knowing full well my waterworks have been turned on through most of this series. She tells me in so many words that maybe- perhaps- I’m a bit- just a teensy bit over the top on this series–in her words, “You are going a bit “Oprah”, aren’t you?”

Ooooooo, if I were Oprah, dearie, I’d be making money with this series!

But, over the top?  Yessiree.  That’s me.  And, delighted and grateful to be so over the toppin’.  This is the first time in recent years where a historical event hasn’t scared me out of my wits and is marked with a joy and optimism that I remember having as a young person, but then, it was for no damn reason other than I was young.

So, dear friend, and you are… I hate to tell you, I’m just gettin’ started here today.  This is the first of maybe 7 concert photos coming blogosphere’s way.

©Pat Coakley 2009


This is the fifth in my series called “Driving to the Inaugural.”   I am driving from my computer with the assistance of memory and past images and television and internet. Triple A doesn’t have road service for this journey even though I have a premium membership.  Here are the others in the series:





16 comments on “Inaugural Concert”

  1. This is my favourite one so far. I like the muted tones and the idea of the small man (I’m guessing it’s Obama) walking past the great Lincoln monument.

    The image seems to be saying to me, that the shadow of history looms large over the present.

    There’s so must expectation being placed on Obama that I think that it’s inevitable that people are going to be disappointed because no man can live up to so many great hopes.

  2. Razz, yep, my favorite, too. You state my sentiments exactly about the image and yes, it’s Obama walking up to speak after the inaugural concert. More coming on some of the artists at the concert. I believe I rocked out here for shut in photography!

  3. Fabulous! This spare image says so much about the symbolism of this time in our history.
    Keep ’em coming!

  4. Thanks, Don! This is a special image for me as well. I’m glad some folks are taking this trip with me! It is still snowing here being a shut-in is not far from the truth. I’m going to visit your blog today for some rof those tropical colors!

  5. Wow, you made that look amazing. I LOVE THIS!!!! Send it to HBO :) They can use it as the cover of the dvd they will inevitably selling.

  6. A benefit for you is that they are running this Inaugural Concert show every two hours !!! Gives more time for the photos… nice job by the way. Keep it up Oprah… it is why I love you !!! Can’t wait to see the shots you get tomorrow – should I buy some stock in Kleenex when the stock market opens??? My day was spent watching a special tribute to Alan Jackson on the CMT channel… now that shut me down just about as much as this concert did for you. Go figure.

  7. Pat, this series is unbelievable. I am in love with this shot!!! Perfect.

  8. the matrix and I love it. :)

  9. Conni, I printed out a larger print and it now hangs in my house (I swapped photos from one already framed!)

    HJ, I don’t have HBO anymore so I could only get it the day of the concert! Just about any country song gets me going!

    Russ, thanks for visiting! I can’t remember a week like this and felt it deserved it’s own series.

    Palpinao, Yes. Matrix. Exactly right.

  10. lincoln memorial, i love it!!… but has anyone thought it was a little scary at first glance? like a large, ominous skull behind enormous white bars…. our unsuspecting new president strolling by, looking out at the crowds, appearing so small and alone, was about to get sucked up by the huge tongue curled up in the creepy skull guy’s mouth…
    and then i realized, phew! it’s lincoln.

    • Yeah, some of my relatives thought they saw a monster but they occasionally drink a bit too much. Thanks for leaving a message!

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