Guitar Man at Inaugural Concert

I am posting a series of photos today of the Inaugural Concert performed in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday, the 18th.  I am not a concert goer so photographing performers is a new subject.  I have the advantage, though, of loving music and having a HD set in my living room that allows me to zoom up and down with my camera with no one obstructing my view!

Hey, maybe I could have been a rocker.


But, I enjoyed taking these shots and was glad I was alone so no one would be passing by the living room giving me worried looks as I appeared to be dancing while photographing the TV screen.

Photography for Shut-Ins.  I’m not kidding.  It’s my niche.

I hope you enjoy these but most of all I hope you heard the concert.

©Pat Coakley 2009


This is the sixth post in my series called “Driving to the Inaugural.”   I am driving from my computer with the assistance of memory and past images and television and internet. Triple A doesn’t have road service for this journey even though I have a premium membership.  Here are the others in the series:






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