Driving to the Inaugural

My journey to the Inaugural begins.  I take shots behind the wheel where ever I go, right?  Today, Friday the 16th of January, there is already gridlock in Washington, DC according to washingtonpost.com.

I am homebound in 2 degree temperatures, fearful of crowds and cold and so many other things and, yet, I feel hope.  So,  I decided to get to Washington, DC the only way I know how: with imagery.

Over the course of the next five days I’m going to use whatever creativity I have on the working hard drive (no, my main computer is still not back) and anything I can steal from TV–as another of my little known or needed skills is TV Photography–to explore why this inaugural is like none other in my 63 year lifetime.

Welcome to my front row seat to history.

I’m beginning by driving right on to the White House lawn which is totally in keeping with my actual driving habits.

©Pat Coakley 2009


24 comments on “Driving to the Inaugural”

  1. 1. I think it’s so smart & fresh incorporating your driving series into this new project.
    2. I can’t wait to see what you come out with using TV photography.
    3. The next 4 years are going to be amazing.
    4. I love lists.

  2. I share your fear of crowds ( crowds?? this is going to be the equivalent of directing the inhabitants of a state onto a township !)
    and am pleased enough to be watching it on TV.
    Our local governor here on St. Croix has declared this an official holiday so that families, kids, everyone can have access to seeing in real time what the shifting of historical and cultural tectonic plates looks like.
    Well, he didn’t say that, I did.

    It’s not surprising that you’d find a way to extract from this, the perpetuation of your creative view.

    I’m on the ride with you sister, and I’m ordering bagels of hope smeared with ” Promise ” margarine as served up by the Barackfast of Champions!

  3. God, the last place I’d want to be is DC with all those people! And cold, too.

    I look forward to seeing what comes of your project here. Should be good! So is this light on the White House the first glimmer of dawn heralding the departure of the Prince of Darkness?

  4. Russ, as usual…you make me laugh! Honestly, I should teach a course for shut-ins: How to Photograph Events on TV!
    Bonnie, State into Township….very funny and true. Congrats to St. Croix governor! Makes sense and there’s something about watching it LIVE that is even more exciting. Welcome aboard on my ride to DC. (Today I am also going in opposite directions at the same time. The Museum of Fine ARts is showing a new movie called “Who Does She Think She Is?” It’s a documentary about five women artists trying to make a living and their art. O, yeah, I gots to see this… on my way to DC, of course. Promise margarine and Barackfest of Champions?? Wonderful!
    Don, You know this is an interesting point about the light. This began of course as a straight photo of the White House. The final form is unrecognizable from the source. Why I made the choices I did along the way are totally unconscious but I think your thoughts may have been guiding me!

  5. Interesting images for interesting times. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    I hate crowds!

    I’m also full of foreboding for Mr Obama and the huge amount of cleaning up he has to do after that clown Bush leaves office, before he can even make start on his own agenda for change.

  6. oh i’m pulling up to park in front of the television. picking a channel will need to match my choice of champagnes hmm lets see CNBC (freixenet) or WGBH (dom perignon) i think i’ll go for the bollinger perhaps (CNN) but remember dont drink and drive. oh happy days r here again!

  7. Oh, smiling..just smiling, Tipota. Love the distinctions between channels and champagnes!

  8. I don’t watch TV so It could be fun. Ok, I’ll start from day one.
    I should also mention that I didn’t see and didn’t read anything about Obama’s inauguration till this evening.

    • Have you heard anything about it from your spot in the world? One of the things that have impressed me is how the world is viewing this change of administration as well.

  9. Well I live in Leeds, England and everyone talks about Obama here and I see a lot of headings in newspapers about him and I understand it is a time for big deals and changes. I just don’t watch or read it.

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