The Jackpot (Before the Storm Series…Again)

By: pbcmedia

Mar 01 2009

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Category: Before the Storm Series, WEATHER, Winter


Focal Length:23mm
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

If you were from Bora Bora or someplace that never sees snow AND you read my blog, you’d know what this picture means.   The blurry disc of the sun shrouded by gray clouds.

This is my fourth in the Before the Storm series.  But, we have had more storms than that.  O, way way way more.

So, off again we go into the breach a poet once said.

Yes, again.

And, as my father used to say, “This one looks like a beaut.”

I don’t like it when the National Weather Service sends me storm warnings that include the words “the jackpot, 10-15 inches, will pile up in the heavily populated Boston Providence Route 95 corridor”.

Ah, that would be moi.

©Pat Coakley 2009


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10 comments on “The Jackpot (Before the Storm Series…Again)”

  1. Very nice photo. The curved tire tracks are perfect.

    Good luck with you snow jackpot. You should be able to get some nice pictures. I am a little jealous.

  2. ahhh,,,the storm we just got. yes,get some nice pictures like the one you posted! for the brighter side of the storm come look at today;s photo essay. i should think that the parking lot would be more full before a storm, maybe everyone is still stocked up.

  3. You’ve taken many gorgeous photos, my friend, but this one . . .

    My wife mentioned the storms in your neck of the woods. If it helps, it’s sunny here in NE Indiana . . .

  4. Snow has been a real no-show this year where I live. It’s been a terrible year for ski mountains and snowman makers.

  5. This is an excellent photo with great colour clarity but has the photo been edited

  6. Chris (I can’t type your screen name without mistakes for some reason!)–I’ve just got plowed out so later on today I’ll venture out!
    Renee, I’ll go visiting today to see what Kansas looks like after the storm. I bet there are some similiarities!
    Brian, seriously, if I can’t take a good before the storm photo after this winter, I’ll never be able to do it!
    Ross, aww…I feel for those snowman makers! Through my window, I see a few little ones doing just that right now!
    Welcome, myindiacalls, and thanks for your comment. All my photos are edited, some more dramatically than others and some more seamlessly than others. On some days I look at the straight photograph as just the beginning of the end product and on other days it may be just a slight curves or levels adjustment. This one had several incarnations including a HDR process that ultimately I didn’t like and from there…honestly, I forget, I just remember I tried a few different things until I got what I liked. Since you prefaced your question with “but” has the photo been edited, I gather you have some feelings about edited vs non edited photos?

  7. This is a great shot and an excellent use of colour.

  8. I think this is a really interesting photo Pat… I love how the cart is just there… abandoned.. visually stunning.

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